The Best Places To Visit in Arizona

Beautiful Arizona

When you think about Arizona, immediately you visualise those nature’s amazing land formations like Mountains, The Grand Canyon, Desert Landscape, and Lakes. Arizona is not only home to nature’s beautiful creations but it also boast of man-made historic marvels such as museums, native american art-work, beautifully developed modern cities and several historical monuments. Ever since Arizona was included in the union as the 48th state of The United States, it has been a major travel dentition for people across the globe. People come to experience Grand Canyon, Lake Pleasant, Saguaro National Park and the Hoover Dam that are known to be popular tourist hubs. On the other side cities of this state have their own value in tourism industry. Popular cities of Arizona are Phoenix, Sedona, Tempe, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff.

Make sure you have a proper map of Arizona when you are visiting the state, because it has several hidden treasures that are must visit places and you surely don’t want to miss out on them. Give below are hand picked tourists places in the state that you must visit if you are planning your vacation itinerary…

  • Grand Canyon
  • Montezuma Castle
  • Barringer Crater
  • Sedona
  • Monument Valley
  • Saguaro National Park
  • Hoover Dam
  • Canyon de Chelly
  • Havasu Falls
  • Heard Museum, Phoenix
  • Paradise Valley
  • Payson Rim Country
  • White Tank Mountains
  • Kartchner Caverns State Park
  • Chiricahua Mountains
  • Picacho Peak
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Tombstone
  • Oatman
  • Lake Pleasant
  • Arizona Taco Festival
  • Arizona Science Center
  • Brewery Tour in Phoenix
  • Arizona Crawfish Festival
  • Verde Canyon Railroad
  • Mount Lemon in Tucson