The Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park

There few sights across the world that matches the natural beauty of The Grand Canyon, it is undoubtedly beyond one’s apprehension. It looks like nature has engineered something by integrating different compounds into one. it is beautiful, full of unimaginable views and most of all a pure delight for outdoor enthusiasts. When visit The Grand Canyon, your eyes will be seeing a 2 billion years of geologic history that takes you back to the time of dinosaurs. The Grand Canyon is carved by the Colorado River which is a natural event. The shape and formation of the GC is caused by more than 450,000 tons of rocks and soils slit that the Colorado river moves with it every day. Length of GC is 280 miles and it’s origin starts from the Paria Junction and from there it is spread over Navada and Arizona border area. The Coconino Plateau and Kaibab Plateau are also separated by the GC.

South Rim of Grand Canyon

At the south rim, The Grand Canyon is elevated to 7,000 feet which is covered with pine forest because the south rim is a flat plateau. Majority of Grand Canyon tourists go to south rim because it is the most developed part of the region with roads so that people can visit the surrounding villages. Even in winter months you can visit the GC because of roads availability in south rim. On the other side the North Rim is elevated to 8200 feet and it is extremely challenging to reach it because of no roads and specially during the winters it becomes impossible to go there. Compared to south, the north rim only gets 10% of total tourists that come to Grand Canyon. However, the views you get from the north rim are out of this world because they give you more panoramic view of ridges and buttes.

The Grand Canyon Arizona

If you are planning for vacation at the Grand Canyon, there are several hotels available that are located at the South Rim of the GC and most of them provide decent hospitality services. Make sure you have your reservation in advanced because these hotels are generally pre-booked throughout the year and during the peak vacation months it gets difficult to get reservation.

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