Benefits of Retiring in Arizona

Retirement in Arizona Old Couple

In this article we are going to discuss about retiring in Arizona, what are the benefits, weather and options for buying a residential property in the state for building your dream after retirement home. The weather in Arizona is perfectly fine for those who like being outdoors. It remains the same for at least 8-10 months of the year, except July and August when it gets hot and dry. People have a perception about Arizona that weather here is warm and dry and they often term it as dry heat which is partially true but it is not that hot to make it extremely difficult to live here during the months of July, August and somewhat September. People often compare Arizona vs Florida for retirement life, and most of them prefer florida for various reasons, one of them is no state income tax rule in Florida, which is obviously a benefit for those retirees who are rich and have high income. That is certainly one of the downside of retiring in Arizona, because here you have to pay taxes on your income.

Let’s talk about advantages and pluses of retiring in Arizona, specially when you compare it with other southern states in the country:

Don’t like rain and snow of the north? Need some regular sunshine after retirement? Well, head over to Arizona because this sunny state gets sunshine throughout the year. That is also why you see solar power plants here more than you see anywhere in the country except Texas may be.

We all love rain, but if you don’t like it pouring down throughout the year, Arizona is the place to be because it gets less rain compared to other states.

They say Arizona is dry and hot, which is true and that is why it is less humid compared to coastal states that are quite humid because of their geographical location is close to sea.

If you hate mosquitoes or bugs, Arizona is your friendly place, because they are comparatively less here because of dry weather here.

If you have spent all your life in metro cities running around for work, and missed out on outdoor living for so many years, Arizona should be the number one choice for you, because this place has a remarkable landscape and terrain for outdoor enthusiasts. You can do hiking, mountain biking, boating, fishing, skiing and so many other outdoor activities here. You name it!

The other impressive part what most retirees would like is affordable housing and that is what you get in Arizona. Housing is cheap here and if you prefer Park Model Homes, you can easily get a nice home under $15,000. Therefore building a retirement home of your dream here is very easy.

So there you have it, the choice is yours. I have mentioned both advantages and disadvantages of settling in Arizona after retirement, now it’s up to your personal likes and dislikes. All the best for your life after retirement. Stay blessed!