Phoenix: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Lake Pleasant Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is the largest city in the state in terms of landscape and the capital as well. More than 1.7 millions people are living in the city which makes it the 6th most populated city in the US. Given the fact it’s a tourist hub, more than 11.5 million people visit the city from all across the world. It is undoubtedly the most popular travel destination of Arizona state. Given it’s geo location, the climate in the city is hot in summers and during the winter months it gets mild which is why people love coming here in winters to enjoy the lovely weather that is perfect for outdoor activities. Phoenix offers you plenty of places to visit, natural wonders, excellent hospitality services, and amazing golf courses which makes it a fabulous destination for family vacation.

The city was founded in year 1861 and it was established as a city of Arizona in 1881. An American civil war retired soldier, Jack Swilling started his journey in search of wealth towards the western region of the state. When he arrived here, he found the grassland perfect for agriculture. He started farming in the region by erecting canals and later on made it prosper and the area became home for a community. Jack wanted to name the city after Stonewall Jackson who was a general in the army, but that couldn’t happen because Lord Darrell Duppa named it Phoenix with agreement of local community people. There are quite a lot of popular individuals and celebrities that hails from this city including Barry Goldwater, Sandra Day O’Connor, John McCain and William Rehnquist.

In the United States, Phoenix is one of those cities that are rated very highly for it’s tourism because it boast of wonderful tourist attractions. This amazing city is home to world famous red canyons, several museums, and beautiful desert landscapes that offers plenty of outdoor activities for those who love outdoor fun. Given below are some of most popular attractions and must visit places in the city:

Phoenix is famous for its beautiful desert botanical gardens that will surely amaze you because they are something you will see for the first time. There you can enjoy beautiful landscape garden, museum and hiking trail as well. The most attractive part of the garden is that it has more than 21,000 species of plants from all over the world. The most stunning view in the garden is of desert wildflower trail. For professional gardeners this place is an absolute treat and for kids also they have many programs that are quite interesting for educational purpose.

The Heard Museum – If you are a fan of historic arts and heritage, then Phoenix’s Heard Museum is place you should visit. It showcases how tribes of Arizona lived their lives, their culture, ornaments, pottery and various other things. The Heard Museum is also ideally located right on the public transportation like which makes it easier for you reach the place and travel around it. For an amazing history educational experience, you must visit this place when you are in the city.

Heard Museum Phoenix

Phoenix Zoo – It is one of top rated Zoos in the United States where you can see more than 1500 species of animals. The zoo is quite popular among kids. Phoenix zoo has also won several wildlife conservation awards and it actively follows programs that supports wildlife and endangered animal species conservation. Here you can experience amazing animals like Gila Monsters, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Rhinos and several other as well.

Camelback Mountain – This is the geographic landmark mountain in the city. With the height of 2704 feet, the mountain range is naturally built with granite and sandstone. It is located at the eastern part of the city. For those who like mountain hiking, this is the perfect place to go!

Phoenix is also home to many lakes and parks that include the South Mountain Park which is known to be the biggest city park in the world. With beautiful mountain terrain, desert landscape and lush green grassland, it is an absolute delight to visit and enjoy the serene ambiance. Here you can easily see wild animals such as silver fox, tropical birds, snakes, coyotes and different species of lizards as well. For families it can be perfect spot for picnic, biking and hiking. City also boast of many lakes including the most beautiful one of the lot – Lake Pleasant. if you are a fan of kayaking, boating, and fishing, you must pack your back and head over to this place.
If you are a tourist visiting Phoenix, you don’t have to worry about accommodation or hospitality services because there are so many top call resorts and hotels where you can stay and enjoy the excellent services they provide. if you can afford a luxury vacation, you must book your stay at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa, i have personally stayed there during a family vacation and loved every bit of it. You can also book Royal Palms Resort and Spa which is also known to provide excellency in hospitality services.

For food lovers, there are tonnes of restaurants in the city that provide mouth watering food. For example if you love Mexican cuisine, you must visit the Carolina’s Mexican Restaurant to enjoy their excellent food. On the other side if you are a fan of sausages, cheese burgers, or hamburgers you have to try the Joe’s Farm Grill restaurant that is known for seriously delicious burgers.

Without a doubt, Phoenix is one of those rare cities in the world that offers you a perfect climate for holidays and greets you with diverse culture. There are tonnes of things to do in the city, you can enjoy a wildlife tour ride, outdoor activities, go for a desert tour or perhaps enjoy the beautiful lakes of Phoenix. It’s a complete vacation package to say the least!